Goodbye 2013. Almost.

Goodbye 2013. Not yet you say? It has been one of those years. Don’t ya think?  I lost my father as I continued to struggle with the loss of my mom eighteen months previously.  At the tender age of thirty-six I found myself an orphan. Even though my dad passed in February we lost him several years ago. We would get flashes of him here and there but those moments were few and far between. That didn’t make losing him any easier. Losing one parent is difficult, very difficult. Losing both is devastating.  This year was full of struggles as I haphazardly picked up the pieces of what was left of my life.  I’m in no mood to rehash the highlights and lowlights. Let’s just say that there is much room for improvement.

Rather than wait for good things to happen I’m not going to leave it for chance in 2014. I realized if I want to see change I need to be the change. So many resolutions of year’s past have gone unfulfilled with no one to blame but myself.  Nothing earth shattering but when you make the same resolutions four years in a row and have yet to stick to one of them… Yeah, you get my drift.  I have several resolutions I’d like to conquer in 2014. Several carried over from years past as well as a few new introductions. 

Completely off topic but it’s 85 degrees in Central Florida right now. What? Yeah. 85. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. I don’t mind the heat of Florida but I do miss the beautiful season changes of the Northeast.  I didn’t mind the cold. I didn’t mind the snow. Although when I moved to NYC the wind would make my nose run so I should have bought stock in puffs plus!  Ah, the memories.